Purposeful or pointless?

As I progress further into this subject I find myself questioning, more than ever, how technology is used for learning.   Is the reason for it’s use purposeful and planned or just a pitiful add on with no real point?

You know, I find it interesting that when I am interested in something I am like a dog with a bone.  I think it is called a compulsion for closure, but when I want to know more about something I conduct as many internet searches, watch as many YouTube clips and ask as many questions as it takes…until I understand it.  Is it possible to get students to the same place?  I wonder…I mean, wouldn’t it be great to sew a seed and then have the students run with it and find their own answers.  I suppose this is what inquiry learning is.  It probably depends on the age of the students, too.  Anyway, I digress; my point is I am able to work out what technology I need to access to help me to understand better, I wonder if giving students a choice in the technology they use to help them might empower them as 21st Century citizens.  You know, instead of teachers telling them which ones to use, wouldn’t it be beneficial to students for them to learn early on what technology to use and why?  Maybe this already happens and I am not really aware of it, but I just think that being extremely explicit would help kids become more digitally literate.

A fellow student ECSalter posted an interesting picture on her blog.  It is a table which aims to show the difference between using technology in the classroom and integrating technology into the classroom.  I found it interesting, so thought I would share.  I think I am beginning to see the difference between the two, and hope that I can become successful at the later of the two, when I get out into the big wide world as a teacher.

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